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Wet Chemical Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Iowa Fire Control offers a full line of kitchen fire suppression installation, inspection and maintenance services. We are distributors for Ansul, Amerex and Buckeye products, offering unparalleled security and reliability for your restaurant. We have experience doing work on any type of system and have staff who are fully trained and certified in design and inspections.

We are licensed in the state of Iowa to service and maintain all existing systems including Ansul, PyroChem, Amerex, Simplex, and Range Guard. You can put your trust in Iowa Fire Control. We will ensure your system is in full compliance with all state and local fire codes. If a fire does occur you will be protected and at the end of the day the safety of your employees and the preservation of your property is our primary purpose.

Industrial Dry Chemical Suppression Systems

Iowa Fire Control offers a full line of fire suppression systems to handle all your needs. Whether you need to protect a paint booth, flammable liquid mixing, storage area or any other area where there is highly flammable material present. Our Amerex Industrial dry chemical system offers the highest level of protection at a competitive cost. We will also service any existing dry chemical system on the market to ensure proper compliance. There are many companies in the market that are not properly trained and certified and are unable to understand coverage and application rules.  

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

With our Amerex CPS Clean Agent Fire Suppression System using FM200 or Novec1230, we can provide a reliable and cost effective waterless fire protection solution for your critical data and sensitive electronic equipment. This system is perfect for a number of sensitive areas, where water sprinkler systems are simply not an option.

Alternately we offer Fike Ecaro systems to mirror all the other systems on the market depending what your specifications are.  We pride ourselves on being able to fit ourselves into any situations and if we do not know how to do the installation we will do the install with one of the boutique firms that we are proud to call our partners.  

A list of fire suppression application sites include:

  • Server Rooms
  • Tape Storage and Data Vaults
  • Medical Record Storage
  • CT/CAT Scan and MRI Control Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Museums and Cultural Centers
  • Turbine Engines
  • Ethanol plants
  • MCC Rooms