When it comes to top of the line fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, fire extinguisher training, and hands down the best experience in the fire and life safety industry; nobody does it better than Ansul. In August 3 members of Iowa Fire Control and 3 or our clients attended the week long Ansul fire school. While there we were taught the proper use of fire extinguishers, the difference between regular stored pressure type fire extinguishers and cartridge operated fire extinguishers, and the application of the different types of extinguishers that the market offers.

In the realm of fire extinguishers all brands are not created equal. What you want is the right type of extinguisher for the job which includes an in depth hazard analysis to find the right classification of fire extinguisher and the right size of fire extinguisher. But that is not all, you absolutely must be trained on the proper use of the fire extinguisher on the specific hazard. Iowa Fire has received training on a regular basis and is certified nationally and through the state of Iowa. We undergo continuing education such as fire schools, trade shows, installation schools, and more. Check out the rest of our pictures in the gallery to see different pictures of the level of training that we received.