As a large amount of cities, towns, and counties in Iowa switch over to global compliance engines, many businesses are seeing a change in the amount of investment put forth for the fire and life safety services. In the last year Indianola, Ankeny, Waukee, and other towns in Iowa (Des Moines/West Des Moines Soon??) and their fire departments have decided to partner with companies like “The Compliance Engine”. When a fire department joins up with a proactive compliance solution they get better results in administering fire code requirements, increasing their ability to actually enforce code thereby keeping people safe, and they reduce the time that they have to spend doing it. For many businesses that have let their fire safety services slip this can many times mean they have to spend a little more money in bringing their outdated equipment and services up to date. But what this really means is that the large amount of citizens and visitors to these communities will be better protected. The statistics say that compliance many times changes from 50% compliance to 80-90% which is astounding.

If you ever have any questions about compliance consulting a fire protection consultant for your fire extinguishers, kitchen exhaust maintenance(hood cleaning), fire alarm, fire sprinkler, emergency and exit lighting, or any other fire equipment you should always contact a provider that will be straight forward with you and secure your business and keep it safe. Partnering with a company that is going to do the bare minimum and just let you scoot by may save you dollars on the front end, however when a compliance engine comes to your area you will be hard pressed to just scoot by. Of course the dollars are all overshadowed by having a catastrophic event that affected human lives or property. So be smart, be safe, and be responsible!