Some really great news is coming from Iowa Fire Control. We are proud to announce Iowa Fire Control has made a very strategic move to help current and future customers and to propel their business into more diverse offerings. As of August 1st Iowa Fire Control has become an Authorized Dealer/Distributor for Siemens Building Technologies. Iowa Fire Control will be carrying 2 of their major product solutions.

First of which is the Siemens Fire Alarm Control Panels. Siemens is a leading innovator in fire protection. The fire alarm system solutions that IFC can now offer can go from anywhere from 1 smoke detector with standard horn/strobes all the way to thousands of points and can include emergency voice communications and mass notifications. Siemens has a broad offering of sensors and panels that will meet any need and can be custom designed to fit any application.

Secondly IFC will be offering Siemens Sinorix Clean Agent Suppression Systems. What is clean agent you ask? Well, clean agent is the preferred alternative to water sprinkler systems in areas where fire suppression might be needed, but can eliminate excess damage to electronics, paper documents, anything that can be damaged by the dirty sprinkler water. Sinorix is a great solution for data rooms, IT rooms, vaults with documents, and phone equipment rooms.

Feel free to contact IFC for more information about any of these services.