Minimizing the damage your property faces when a fire breaks out can mean more than just installing a water sprinkler system; Implementing Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems can save your property not only from fire, but from further damage caused by the extinguishing of it.

What is a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System?

A Clean Agent Fire Suppression System serves as an alternative and safer way of extinguishing fire. While quickly and effectively putting out fires, it simultaneously uses safe and clean products that protect further damage from being done to your employees and property.

Iowa Fire Control offers two types of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems.

FM200 Fire Suppression Systems

This system, provided through IFC’s partnership with Siemens, utilizes an environmentally-friendly and clean agent to extinguish fires. Through its characteristic heat absorption it accomplishes the feat of suppressing flame without leaving residue behind. Protect your property’s electronics and employees by installing FM-200 agents today.

Novec 1230 Fire Suppression Systems

Novec 1230 is a fire protection fluid that boasts outstanding extinguishing performance while proving to be an environmentally-friendly product. The product excels at heat removal and protects valuable electronic equipment by being a non-conductive agent.

What are the Benefits of Using Clean Agent Suppression Systems?

Minimize Fire Damage

Clean agents for fire suppression work in multiple ways to give you the most protection. The quick reaction time and concentrated spray area of these systems keep damage restricted and confined to the space where the flame ignited. Clean agents also host the benefit of leaving no residue behind, so as to keep any important electronics, documents, or supplies from taking damaged.

Minimize Recovery Time

Due to the non-residual nature of clean agent suppression systems, there is less mess to clean up, and therefore more time saved in recovering from the damage of a fire. With the end result of implementing these systems being more time for your business to work the way it needs to, there is no good reason why you wouldn’t want these technologies protecting yourself, your employees, and your assets.

Maximize Efficiency

The overall efficiency and effectiveness of Iowa Fire Control Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems not only saves recovery time, important property, and keeps damage confined, it is easy to install. Give Iowa Fire Control a call today, and talk to us about maximizing the safety of your building today.