At Iowa Fire Control, we pride ourselves in being the sole provider for Ansul Vehicle Fire Suppression in the region. Vehicle fire suppression systems are highly important in industries such as mining, agriculture, public transportation, forestry, and landfill/recycling centers. With such large vehicles around lots of material at any given point, industrial vehicle fires can become dangerous quickly. We would like to explain some of the basics of a fire suppression system and how they could benefit your Iowa business.

Dry chemical fire suppression systems for sale

The Basics

We install what is known as a LT-A-101/LVS Twin Agent Fire Suppression System for vehicles. This system comes equipped with both dry chemical and liquid agent systems for maximum fire safety. In the event of a fire, the Foray dry chemical extinguishing agent is released to smother the fire before it grows rapidly. Simultaneously, the LVS liquid agent is then discharged to provide the cooling element and reduce the build up of heat. This twin agent combo has been proven to be the most effective system in the market for vehicle fire suppression.

The Importance

A report by the National Fire Protection Association showed that annually, there are a little over 2,200 bus fires in the United States alone. On average, that is 6 bus fires a day. Apart from the potential loss of life from a fire, buses and industrial vehicles are expensive to repair and replace after a fire. A proper vehicle fire suppression system can save tens, if not, hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs and lost time expenses from a vehicle fire.

Iowa Fire Control Services

We do far more than just install vehicle fire suppression systems. We work businesses every step of the way by providing inspection service and 24/7 maintenance contracts. We also provide a large number of other services and products. If you need fire extinguisher services, restaurant hood cleaning, fire alarm systems, or anything else that we provide, contact us today! We have locations in Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Mason City, Burlington, and Ames and proudly serve businesses throughout the entire state of Iowa.