When it comes to eco-friendly fire suppression systems, there are essentially two main competitors worth installing. The FM-200 and the Novek 1230 are industry leading clean agent fire suppression systems that both carried and installed by Iowa Fire Control. Although both systems are similar, they each have their differences that are worth noting. Now, we could go on forever about the differences and benefits of each of these systems. This overview will cover each respective fire suppression system from a broad point of view. So, what is there to know about each system?

Explaining Clean Agent Suppression Systems

Before diving into the details of each fire suppression system, we should clarify any sort of confusion around the term ‘clean agent’. he FM-200 and Novek 1230 are called clean agent suppression systems because they do not leave behind residue after extinguishing a building fire. On top of that, they don’t dispense water like standard fire extinguisher systems. This means that they do not cause harm to electronics in the building while also leaving a much smaller mess to clean up.

Pros & Cons of the FM-200

The FM-200 system was revolutionary when it first came out. During the time it was released, almost every other suppression system was still using Halon gas to suppress fires. The EPA deemed Halon as a dangerous chemical to the Earth’s ozone layer and ultimately banned the production of Halon gas for suppression purposes.

Environmental Friendliness

Although the FM-200 doesn’t use Halon gas, it still uses Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) to suppress fires. Although it is not banned by the EPA for use, it is not as eco-friendly as the chemical composition of the Novek 1230. Humans should not be present if a FM-200 is deployed during a fire, which makes it better suited for server rooms and places with minimal human interaction.

Suppression Power & Speed

The FM-200 is equipped to discharge entirely within 10 seconds.

Quantity of Agent

The FM-200 uses an agent concentration level between 6-9%.

Pros & Cons of the Novek 1230

The Novek 1230 is a more advanced piece of technology, which in turn is also why it is a bit more expensive to install. However, its state of the art technology has made it an industry leader in all aspects of fire suppression.

Environmental Friendliness

The Novek 1230 scores major points in eco-friendliness. It uses absolutely zero hydrofluorocarbons and can even be used in the presence of humans. It can be used in essentially in sort of room that a dry chemical system seems fit.

Suppression Power & Speed

The Novek 1230 is also built to discharge entirely  in a matter of 10 seconds.

Quantity of Agent

The Novek 1230 uses a formula concentration of roughly 4-6%. However, since it has more storage space, it ultimately uses about the same amount of suppression agent as the FM-200 does.

Which Fire Suppression System Is Best?

At Iowa Fire Control, we will always recommend a Novec 1230 system over the FM-200. It is safer for the environment, can be used in the presence of humans, and has more storage space to dispense suppression agents. However, the FM-200 is still a great system for fire suppression that costs less to install than a Novec 1230. We proudly carry these two fire suppression systems along with the Janus Systems CPS for all dry chemical system installations.

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