Foodservice and restaurants are some of the industries most prone to a fire due to the constant use of open fires, hot equipment, large pull of electricity, and constant use of cleaning chemicals. That is why taking the necessary precautions to keep your building safe is so important. Disregarding safety measures can result in serious consequences and the potential loss of life. To help avoid this happening to your restaurant, Iowa Fire Control has some tips to offer.

Employee Fire Safety Training

As the saying goes, “Employees are a company’s greatest asset.” It’s true, employees are what make a business operate and grow, no matter what size the company may be. However, employees need to be trained properly to be able to work at a high level. This includes teaching them to take safety measures. People make mistakes, so you will need to make sure that whoever works in your kitchen understands the safety protocol needed to keep your kitchen safe from a fire. If you are looking for safety training, Iowa Fire Control offers fire extinguisher training and fire and life safety consultation to keep your restaurant safe.

Fire Suppression System Installation

Over half of restaurant fires occur due to a fire that started in the kitchen. Although a fire extinguisher should be readily available, that may not be enough to stop a kitchen fire before it is too large. Installing a wet chemical fire suppression system dramatically increases the chances that a kitchen fire will not affect your whole building. At Iowa Fire Control, we install, inspect, and maintain all Ansul, Amerex, and Bullseye fire suppression systems that we provide.

Professional Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Every restaurant owner knows the importance of having a clean kitchen exhaust system. As grease from cooked food evaporates up into the air, it is funneled through the exhaust ductwork before eventually leaving through an exhaust fan attached to the roof. However, flammable grease builds up over time, creating a potential disaster if not properly cleaned. We provide high quality restaurant hood cleaning and installation all throughout the state of Iowa.

Fire Prevention & Suppression Experts

If your business is looking for the proper tools and education on how to prevent and extinguish fires, contact Iowa Fire Control today! We have locations in Fort Dodge, Des Moines, Ames, Burlington, and Mason City while providing fire alarm systems, fire extinguisher services, access control systems, and much more to businesses around Iowa since 1980. We look forward to meeting with you!