Owning a business, whether it be small or large, is a lot of responsibility. As a business owner, you need to make sure that your employees are both taken care of and safe in the work environment. Fire safety equipment is absolutely critical in keeping your employees safe from a potential disaster. More specifically, fire extinguishers are the first line of defense in stopping a devastating fire. There is more to owning fire extinguishers in a business than simply having them there. Iowa Fire Control would like to provide you with some helpful insight of having fire extinguishers at your workspace.

Not All Fire Extinguishers Are The Same

In a previous blog, we explained the different classifications of fire extinguishers. Each model of fire extinguisher is built to put out a specific type of fire. In fact, using the wrong class of fire extinguisher on a fire can actually make it worse than before. Here are the common fire extinguisher classes you will find and the types of fires they are meant to combat:


  • Class A Fire Extinguishers: These are built to put out what are known as common fires, or fires that come from typical combustibles like wood, paper, etc.
  • Class B Fire Extinguishers: These fire extinguishers are used to fight fires that come from a fuel source such as gas or alcohol.
  • Class C Fire Extinguishers: This class of fire extinguisher is made specifically to combat electrical fires. Their dry agent composition allows electrical wiring and cables to remain unharmed while extinguishing.
  • Class K Fire Extinguishers: These are specifically made to extinguish fires that are created from grease and oil.


Fire Extinguishers Need Inspections

Although fire extinguishers are great tools, they are not perfect. You simply cannot a fire extinguisher sit dormant for months to years on end and expect it to work in a time of crisis. That is why OSHA requires monthly inspections on fire extinguishers. Luckily, Iowa Fire Control can help you with this! To have a technician come out to your workplace for fire extinguisher services, get in contact with us today!

Fire Extinguishers Have To Be Recharged

Fire extinguishers are multi-use devices, but not in a single fill. After using a fire extinguisher, it should be recharged in order to be able to operate again, even if you did not use it entirely. Iowa Fire Control technicians can recharge a fire extinguisher whenever it is needed! Avoiding this can lead to serious consequences in the event of a fire.

Fire Extinguishers Must Be Properly Disposed

Throwing away expunged fire extinguishers is not an option. The chemicals used and the by products created from usage can be considered hazardous and dangerous. If you use a disposable fire extinguisher, bring it to any of the Iowa Fire Control locations or a hazardous waste disposal facility to get rid of it.

When you bring a used disposable fire extinguisher, make sure that there is no more pressure built up in it. A good way to test this is by holding lever down until canister is entirely empty and doesn’t attempt to push chemicals out of it.

Iowa’s Trusted Fire Extinguisher Experts

If you need fire extinguisher services for your Iowa business, Iowa Fire Control can assist you! We have locations in Fort Dodge, Des Moines, Ames, Mason City, and Burlington while serving businesses throughout the entire state. To learn more about the other services we also provide, contact us today!