Let Iowa Fire Control Handle All Your Fire Safety Needs

When it comes to fire and life safety, including the protection of your assets, you can’t trust just anyone. In our industry, gaining and maintaining our customer’s’ trust is our most important goal.

Core Values of Iowa Fire Control

At Iowa Fire Control, our main reason for doing business is simple, to keep people safe. These core values are what drives our relationship with our clients. We believe there is no greater purpose than helping keep the public safe.

Industry Leading Integrity

We strongly believe that an educated client is our greatest asset. We strive to bring clarity to an ever-changing set of codes and regulations. In order to understand how to effectively keep your business, employees, home and family safe, you need to have a clear understanding of the safety requirements. When this is accomplished, you can then take the next step to enhanced protection of your property.

Advancing the Fire Protection, Life Safety & Security Industries

Unfortunately there are a few companies in our industry that, either because of insufficient knowledge or the desire to take advantage of the public, don’t provide quality service. Although we believe these companies are a minority, our goal is to change these perceptions. Iowa Fire Control strives to provide a service that builds trust and confidence in our abilities. We fully understand the importance of the service we provide in keeping your employees safe and productive. We welcome the chance to partner with you to achieve this mutual goal.

Uncompromising Attention to Quality

Fire protection and life safety is a service that is detail orientated. The service provider needs the discipline to understand that even the smallest detail can make all the difference in the effectiveness of your safety equipment. This discipline is deeply woven into Iowa Fire Control’s core purpose.  WE employ a variety of strategies to ensure the highest quality within our workplace focusing on TQM(Total Quality Management).


Being a leader in anything requires the intelligence to know when you have made mistakes and having the courage to correct your mistakes. We strive not to get too comfortable with being an industry leader, we strive everyday to improve the service we provide our customers.

Customer Respect

Respect is paramount in our company, we demand it of ourselves and our associates. Regardless of the situation you can be certain a member of the Iowa Fire Control team will conduct themselves with the utmost respect for you and your employees. If you are looking for a safety professional that will operate in a clear and transparent fashion, think of Iowa Fire Control for you fire protection and life safety needs.