Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Keeping Iowa safe since 1980, by providing sustainable safety and security through persistence, education, and excellence.

Vision statement

Iowa Fire Control is the most trusted life and fire safety company in the country. Customers will know our name as being synonymous with impeccable customer service, humility, and diligence within our relationships and our direct interactions with clients. We achieve this through sharing information and honest and forthright communication with our customers and affiliates.

We are committed to offering the best service in our industry through adapting to a changing culture of technology. As business and industry processes change, we provide our customers with the best services because we engage them using the most cutting edge technology available. As new tools become available that make our services more affordable or more efficient, we choose tools that will continue to catapult us into the market of the future promising to never fall behind.

We maintain a consistent approach to sustainability through the practices that we use, and our continued focus on changing standards. Iowa Fire Control supports the green initiative and will embrace this initiative in-house by creating processes focused on renewability and recycling. 

We believe that it is through further education and experience that all of these things can be achieved.