Rich Ashton

Master Technician – Fire Alarm/Security/Hood Cleaning/Fire Extinguishers/Fire Suppression/Total Kitchen Cleaning/Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus/Fire Extinguisher Training

Rich Ashton is the longest standing member of Iowa Fire Control and has been with the company for over 15 years. Rich started with the company as a hood cleaner when he was very young and worked his way into the position as head of the hood cleaning department. Rich
has learned how to complete and operate within every department at Iowa Fire Control and is one of the highest valued members of the company because of his vast amount of experience and his rigorous tenacity when it comes to work ethic.
Rich has a family of 5 and resides in Fort Dodge, Iowa where he grew up. Rich takes part in a variety of activities including hunting, fishing, cooking, being with friends and raising a family. Rich has a great attitude and carries that attitude into his work.