Fire Alarm Systems in Central Iowa

Iowa Fire Controls’ professional fire protection technicians provide installation, programming and training of automatic detection and fire alarm systems for an assortment of standard and special hazards systems. All of our technicians are certified by NICET and ESA and our field personnel are factory trained on all of the products we sell. This allows us to provide the best possible service to all of our customers, no matter what their needs are.

Your building’s fire alarms are important for keeping your employees safe and also maintaining fire code compliance. At Iowa Fire Control and IFC Security, we take pride in our reputation for always putting the safety of our customers first. We do whatever it takes to make sure you are prepared and protected from a fire.  With the world of ever changing and advancing codes and technologies, it is important that your fire alarm provider continues to work with and understand new things like mass notification and voice evacuation.

Fire Alarm System Inspection and Testing

Fire alarm inspection and testing are a couple of the most important things you can have done to keep your fire alarm safe and operational at all times. The professionals at Iowa Fire Control can handle all of your fire safety needs and when it comes to fire alarms, we are Iowa’s premier company for fire safety.

Our fire alarm installation and inspection services include:

  • Inspect control panel
  • Verify monitoring connection
  • Inspect annunciator
  • Test pull stations
  • Test bells
  • Test audible/visual devices
  • Test elevator recall
  • Test door holders
  • Test smoke detector sensitivity every two years
  • Test duct detectors
  • Test thermal detectors
  • Voice evacuation installation and testing
  • Mass Notification
  • The Giant Voice
  • Complete design of fire alarms