Fire Extinguisher Training

Proper fire extinguisher training is crucial for your whole team. The importance of fully understanding this can’t be stressed enough. The quality of your employee’s training could, quite literally, mean the difference between life and death. The qualified staff at Iowa Fire Control can provide the proper training to everyone in your business.  

Many companies simply teach the PASS system and do so using one system where every employee begrudgingly goes through the training just to quickly sign off on their sheet, allowing the company to stay in compliance. At Iowa Fire Control, we focus on doing business with companies that want to be proactive about their fire extinguisher training. This prepares their employees to act quickly in real life situations. Sometimes if you have not felt the heat of a real fire, it is hard to know when to fight or flight.  That is why we have built our training around three types of customers with three specific trainings to meet their needs.

The 3 Tiers of Fire Extinguisher Training

Light Commercial/Low Hazard

Bullex Machine: SMART Extinguishers

Using the Bullex Intelligence training system, Iowa Fire Control offers a thorough program of classroom and hands on fire extinguisher training to meet the needs of both small and large companies. Iowa Fire Control has the ability to effectively and efficiently train hundreds of employees in a single morning.  This training is meant for office and retail companies that may encounter a small fire and are not dealing with large amounts of class B flammable liquids.

Heavy Commercial/Medium Hazard

4’X4’X8” Steel Fire Pan, 5 pound and 10 pound ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Using our 4’X4’ raised fire pan we use flammable liquids to create a real fire situation simulating a fuel fire that is elevated making the firefighting experience more lifelike and challenging. Depending on the amount flammable liquids used, the fire can be fought by up to 3 employees at a time and the difficulty level is medium, giving students an intermediate level fire extinguisher understanding. This training is used at Heavy commercial sites like warehouses and chemical laboratories with medium amounts of class A and class B flammables.  

Heavy Industrial/High Hazard

50 sq ft 10” Deep Steel Fire Pan (UL STYLE), Cartridge Operated FE/Stored Pressure Type FE

Using our UL compliant fire pan, we can use a variety of different props to create all types of flammable liquid fires including spill fire, fuel in depth, gravity fed fire, obstacle fire, pressure fire, or any combination of the outlined fires. This type of fire training is meant for all levels of skill as we can control how challenging the fire is to put out by manipulating multiple variables.

The biggest advantage of allowing Iowa Fire Control to train your employees is that we assume all the responsibility of making sure your employees are trained and ready to act in the event of a fire.

Call us today to set up an appointment so we can outline a plan to train your entire staff on the proper use of their first line of defense against a fire, your fire extinguishers.