Grease Lock Systems

The Grease Lock Filter System is a disposable grease pre-filter that features a unique heat resistant fiber, designed to deliver exceptional grease filtration efficiency. The filters are designed to capture and remove a high percentage of the total grease which is produced during commercial kitchen cooking operations. Grease Lock can extract more than 90% of grease above 2.5 microns in size.

The Grease Lock System was engineered by Ellis Fiber to create the efficient collection of more grease, reducing the cost and effort of maintenance and time to clean your Hood and exhaust system.  In the preceding years the second and third generation of grease lock have been released and have made huge strides in decreasing the upfront cost and the invasiveness of the installation process.  

The Grease Lock System works best in specific concepts and is not considered the final answer for all hood systems so it is very important that this is not viewed as a solution to all hoods.  We have installed the product in many concepts that use as few as 5 boxes of filters a year and that only need to be cleaned once every 2 years which works great and has a great Return on Investment.  This is not the case at every restaurant and you should only consider Grease Lock a viable answer after consulting with a specialist and done a complete breakdown of your Kitchen Exhaust.  

To learn more about the Grease Lock System and to see if it would be effective in your restaurant contact us now. Take a look at the short video below to gain a better understanding of how the system works.