Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services

Iowa Fire Control is the industry leader in kitchen exhaust cleaning in the state of Iowa. We do this by adapting to the changes that have taken place in the hood cleaning industry over the years, becoming more efficient in both code compliance and the quality of our service.  The way we service our customers and the way we treat our employees makes the difference.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning has always been much more detailed than an ordinary janitorial service. For a breakdown of the parts of a kitchen exhaust system that are pertinent during a hood cleaning, click here for video explanation and a breakdown of each part of the system. Many restaurant owners fail to understand the significance of properly cleaned kitchen exhaust hoods and overall fire safety. When kitchen hoods are not properly cleaned, the risk of a grease fire increases dramatically.

How The Process Works

Grease from the kitchen gets pulled into the hood, past the vent hood filters and into the ductwork that leads to the exhaust fan on the roof. Grease is flammable and can ignite with a single spark and spread up the duct to the roof. All areas of the system must be cleaned and if it is neglected then a fire hazard forms.

The need to clean your kitchen exhaust system regularly is required by law dictated by the NFPA 96:  Standard of Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, 2014 Edition. Iowa Fire Control can handle all of your hood cleaning needs which include so much more than just a removing grease.

 Our hood cleaning services include:

Regular Kitchen Exhaust Maintenance(Hood Cleaning)
Kitchen Exhaust Rehabilitation
Installation of Access Panels
Installation of Hinge Kits
Installation and Maintenance of the Grease lock system
Total Kitchen Cleaning
Appliance Cleaning
Ceiling Tile cleaning
Filter Exchange Program
Make Up Air Cleaning
Type 1 and Type 2 Hood and Duct Cleaning
Fan Belt Replacement