Total Kitchen Cleaning Services in Central Iowa

At Iowa Fire Control, we believe that you should focus on your core competency, while letting us focus on ours. We specialize in making your kitchen clean and compliant.  We provide cleaning for entire kitchens, appliances only, ceiling tile and grid, and so much more.  No matter what portion of your system you want cleaned, we will work with you within your budget to make a choice on what needs cleaned in your kitchen.

Up to 40% of food poisoning cases are attributed to poor hand washing and cross-contamination in the kitchen. That is why it Iowa Fire Control offers a regularly scheduled deep cleaning service for your kitchen. Iowa Fire Control handles all of your kitchen cleaning needs, including:

  • Ceiling Tiles and Grids
  •  Air Returns and Ducts
  •  Exhaust Hoods
  •  Dishwashers
  • Backsplashes
  • Appliances
  •  Complete Stainless Steel Treatment
  • Floors

Iowa Fire Control deep cleans your kitchen from roof to floor. When you regularly have your kitchen deep cleaned by IFC’s team of professionals, your day to day cleanings will be a lot easier and we will make sure your business will remain in accordance with applicable health regulations.

Please call Iowa Fire Control today and let us get started on deep cleaning your kitchen the way it should be.