Vehicle Fire Suppression

Iowa Fire Control prides itself as being the single provider for Ansul Vehicle Fire Suppression in the region.  We install and maintain Vehicle fire suppression systems in the following industries:  mining, construction, forestry, agriculture, public transportation, public utilities and waste/landfill/recycling centers.

Vehicle Fire Suppression  systems are designed to provide detection, alarm and fire suppression system actuation for mobile applications like hydraulic excavators, haul trucks, wheeled loaders, dozers, drills and graders.  The systems are used in the state of Iowa mainly in mining facilities however they are also prominent in many other industries.

Just as with ordinary dry chemical and wet chemical systems in commercial kitchens and auto body shops the systems must be inspected every 6 months to ensure that the systems are in good running condition and to check detection andactuation means and expellant lines for compliance with the  NFPA, manufacturer recommendations and MSHA.

Iowa Fire contracts installation, inspection, maintenance and 24/7 service contracts for all vehicle fire suppression units and is available anytime to get you up to speed and compliance and keep you there all the time.

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